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Cheap international calls from your mobile for under 1p a minute!!!

Call2Call have launched a new website, bringing our direct dial service and SMS calling card together in one convenient place.

We have managed to secure some fantastic discounts that now allow us to offer rates for under 1p per minute on our SMS cards!

You can make cheap international calls for just 0.5p per minute to these countries;

Anywhere is Canada, Cypriot landlines,
French landlines, Hong Kong mobiles,
Hungarian landlines, Irish landlines,
Israeli landlines, Italian landlines,
Malaysian landlines, Mexican landlines,
New Zealand landlines, Portuguese landlines,
anywhere in Puerto Rico, anywhere in Singapore,
South Korean landlines, Spanish landlines,
Swedish landlines and anywhere in the US.

You can make cheap international calls for just 0.75p per minute to these countries;

Argentinian landlines, Costa Rican landlines,
Croatian landlines, Danish landlines,
Greek landlines, Hong Kong landlines,
anywhere in India INCLUDING MOBILES,
Norwegian landlines and Peruvian landlines.

To take advantage of this fabulous offer, text CHAT to 87887 and you will receive a £5 SMS calling card. Dial the access number, 0121 261 0808, using inclusive minutes on your mobile at no extra charge and make international calls to the countries listed above at less that 1p per minute. Visit the page of the country you would like to call for more details about this offer.

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