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Cheap phone cards?

If you are looking for cheap phone cards to make your cheap international calls then look no further than our SMS service.

It works just like other cheap phone cards, but instead of having to walk to a shop and use cash to buy the card over the counter, you can buy £5 worth of cheap international calls just by texting CHAT to 87887. When you do this a unique PIN number and the access number, 0121 261 0808,  is sent back to your mobile phone allowing you to buy your card from the comfort of your own home!

The cost of the card is taken by your service provider, paid for in your usual way. So if you have a monthly contract the £5 cost is added to your next bill, and for those of you on a pay-as-you-go deal the £5 is debited from your credit.

You dial the 0121 261 0808 access number at no additional charge if you have any inclusive minutes, otherwise for just the cost of a uk landline call, to get through to our service where you can make cheap international calls from your mobile at unbeatable rates; Bangladesh for only 2p per minute, Poland from only 1p per minute and India at an incredible 0.75p per minute.

The SMS service from Call2Call allows us to offer instant, cheap calls from a mobile to our customers at any time of the day or night, backed up by our low prices and superior call quality. The next time you think about buying a cheap phone card just remember to text CHAT to 87887!


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