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Make cheap international calls to Brazil with Call2Call

Calling your friends and family in Rio could not be easier. Let us tell you how.

Cheap international calls to Brazil

Calls from a UK landline

Make instant, cheap international calls to Brazil from any phone without having to set-up an account or make any pre-payment

To call landlines
Dial 0844 605 0707
To call mobiles
Dial 0844 303 0707

Calls from a UK mobile

Buy an instant £5 SMS phone card to make cheap international calls to Brazil from your mobile phone

To call landlines
to 87887 for £5 credit
To call mobiles
to 87887 for £5 credit
Using the service from a landline
  • 1

    Dial the access number shown above. When connected to our service you will hear a welcome message

  • 2

    Dial the international number you wish to call, remembering to include the full international dial code; 00 55

  • 3

    Get connected to Brazil paying only the cost of dialling the cheap rate access number

  • 4

    It's so simple so why not start calling your friends and family now

Calls are charged from time of connection to the service at the indicated rate from a BT line. BT apply a 15 pence call set-up fee for each call made. Other network operators’ charges may vary. Please obtain bill payer’s permission before making the call. Service provider: IV Response Ltd

Using the service from a mobile
  • 1

    Text CHAT to 87887 to get £5 credit sent to your mobile phone

  • 2

    When you receive the confirmation text with your unique PIN number, dial 0121 261 0808 which is free if you have any unused minutes

  • 3

    When you hear the welcome message enter your PIN and the international number you wish to call, remembering to include the full international dial code; 00 55

  • 4

    Get connected to Brazil paying for the international leg of the call using your calling credit

All credit expires 60 days from first usage. SMS costs £5 + your standard SMS fee. Calls charged per minute & apply from the moment of connection. All calls subject to a 5p connection fee. Calls to 01 numbers cost UK standard rate and can be used as a part of inclusive minutes. Calls to premuim rate services may cost considerably more than advertised rate. Service provider: IV Response Ltd

Why pay more to call friends and family in Brazil when you no longer need to?

Stop paying the full price for your calls to Brazil. Take advantage of these massive savings today. There are NO hidden charges.

Our fantastic savings not only apply to landlines, you can even make calls to Brazilian mobile phones for just 1.5p a minute! See for yourself, there really isn't any need to overspend on phone calls again.

At Call2Call we are determined to give you the best rates we possibly can, saving you a fortune. BT charges £1.08 a minute for their calls to Brazil! That's £1.08 more than our best rate! Our call quality is fantastic so the only difference you will notice is the amount you'll be saving. Just dial 0844 605 0707 and get quality phone calls to Brazil for only 1p a minute!

Enjoy amazing savings when you call any landline or mobile in Brazil!

Our supersaver calls are available 24/7 for 365 days of the year, so you can call family and friends any time you want and still enjoy massive savings. Over 20 years experience in international calls means we can deliver fantastic value.

Making cheap international calls to Brazil is very, very easy.

  • Before you dial your international number, call 0844 605 0707
  • When connected to the Call2call service you will hear a welcome message
  • Dial the Brazilian number you need, remembering to include the full country code; 00 55
  • For example, if you want to make a low cost call to Sao Paulo, dial 0844 605 0707 first, at the prompt dial 0055 11 1234 5678 and get connected straight away
  • You only pay the cost of dialling the access number to your service provider in your usual way
  • The Brazilian number you call will not appear on your bill, only the 0844 605 0707 number will be shown

You can use unused credit on your phone to get incredibly cheap calls to Brazil. Landlines for only 0.75p per minute and mobiles for 2p!

Start saving today with our £5 SMS calling card. To access incredibly low call costs, all you have to do is text CHAT to 87887 and we'll send you a private PIN number and this access number, 0121 261 0808, that can deliver super cheap international calls straight away. Just make sure you remember to dial the country code, 00 55, when you call Brazil.

We don't ask you to sign any contract or commit yourself for any length of time. As soon as you have your PIN number, you can call any Brazilian number, with landlines costing just 0.75p per minute and mobiles only 2p!

Tell your friends and family about these amazingly low call rates so they can start saving today.

Add this simple piece of code to your webpage to let others know about the great savings you have found:

<p><b>Call Brazil for just 0.75p/min!</b><br /> <a href="">Cheap calls
to Brazil, click here to find out how!</a></p>

This is how the tag will appear on your page:

Call Brazil for just 0.75p/min!
Cheap calls to Brazil, click here to find out how!

User comments

My firm started running up huge call costs after our company won a large contract in Brazil. An employee, who regularly used Call2Call to call her family in Recife, recommended this service to me. I could not believe how easy it was to make cheap calls to a mobile in Brazil. Your service has saved me an absolute fortune. I don’t mind if my employees use this service to make calls at work, after all they have saved me, footing the bill for them so they make free international calls is the least I could do. Headaches gone and a heavier wallet, that's what I call service. Chris Ecclestone, Morris Partners, Manchester

I have just been planning my holiday in Brazil and have found your service to be of enormous benefit. I have been able to make cheap calls to the hotels in Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte and all points in between, making sure all arrangements are in place for a fantastic trip. I shall definitely use your service when I plan my trip to Brazil for the world cup in 2014. Adam, Leicester

I am student recently arrived from Brazil. I did not know how to phone for cheap Brazil. I was very lucky that my host family knew your service. Now I can make call for cheap Brazil every day. Luciana, Stratford

I used calling cards for many years, but now that I have found your cheap, easy to use service, I shall never use one again. I shall recommend Call2Call to all my friends who are constantly calling from the UK to family and friends abroad. Mrs P Luther, Twittering

Many thanks for your good service for call for cheap Brazil. Yara, Luton

Call2Call thank you for cheapest phone Brazil. I can now speak long time with my family in Brazil and not care it cost because it is so cheap. Maria, London

I have been using your service for over two years and you never fail to impress me with cheap prices and quality connections. I think Call2Call is the best way of calling from the UK to anywhere in the world. Please keep up the good work. Henry Partridge, Colliers Wood

I no more make calls with card since I been using Call2Call. Best way for cheapest phone Brazil. Much thanks. Ronaldo, Birmingham

Phone for cheap Brazil? Call2Call is the best way that I know to do this. Simple and easy to use with no account to set up and manage, or fiddly pins to remember. Just dial up and use the service when you need it. Simply great. Luiza, Portsmouth

What a very simple way to make cheap telephone calls to Brazil. Thanks to Call2Call, I now have no more worries about calling Salvador to speak to my girlfriend. Thanks. Peter, Swindon

Brazilian dial codes

  • Aracaju00 55 79
  • Belem 00 55 913
  • Belo Horizonte 00 55 31
  • Blumenau 00 55 47
  • Brasilia 00 55 61
  • Brazil00 55
  • Campinas 00 55 19
  • Curitiba 00 55 41
  • Florianopolis 00 55 48
  • Fortaleza 00 55 85
  • Goiania 00 55 62
  • Maceio00 55 82
  • Manaus 00 55 92
  • Natal00 55 84
  • Porto Alegre 00 55 51
  • Recife 00 55 1
  • Rio de Janeiro 00 55 21
  • Roraima 00 55 95
  • Salvador 00 55 71
  • Santo Andre 00 55 11
  • Santos 00 55 13
  • Sao Jose dos Campos 00 55 12
  • Sao Paulo 00 55 11
  • Vitoria 00 55 27

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